Le Blanc Lavender Lady Dryer Sachet (Single Pack)

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Sku:Lavender Lady Dryer Sachet

Let the calming aroma of lavender take over your senses. The traditional beauty of this fragrance will blanket your linens with a lasting tranquil freshness that is truly remarkable. Simply toss one dryer sachet in the dryer with wet linens, towels or apparel. A single dryer sachet is reusable over a dozen times. Unlike dryer sheets, it does not leave a oily coating on your laundry.

Lavender Lady is offered in Linen Wash, Linen Water, Linen Press and Infusion.

Fragrance: A unique lavender fragrance stems from deep wild lavender laced with rosemary, bergamot, and rose. Its aromatic base of eucalyptus and cedar gently blankets laundry with a lasting classic fragrance.

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