• Matouk Matouk
    Mr. Matouk fulfilled his lifelong dream to make a life in the United States in July of 1929, arriving in New York with trunks of the exquisite linens that he had discovered in Italy. Even in those difficult times there were those who had a passion for fine things and the means to afford them, and the first Matouk products soon became sought after by the finest stores and private customers. During World War II, with his supply lines from Europe cut off, Mr. Matouk moved his production to the U.S., opening the first Matouk factory in Manhattan. When linen became scarce during wartime, he pioneered a special blended fabric of mohair, rayon and cotton. This became Matouk’s first signature tablecloth. In 1963, John’s son, George F. Matouk Sr., joined the business and three years later he became president. During his 36 years leading the company, George Sr. grew Matouk from a maker of fine table linens to a full-service luxury home textile source for the bed, bath and table. In 1985, George Sr. moved the factory from Manhattan to southern New England, home to both a tradition of American textile production and a community of skilled craftspeople who continue to practice the art of embroidery and monogramming for which Matouk is known around the world. Today, the Matouk factory and headquarters are located in Fall River, Massachusetts in a world-class facility that features a solar energy system, advanced production technologies, and an environment committed to promoting the health and well being of our employees. At Matouk old world techniques live hand-in-hand with state of the art tools and production philosophies. Under the leadership of John Matouk’s grandson, George Matouk Jr., the company remains committed to, and invigorated by, our purpose of enriching the lives of our customers and their families by creating the most beautiful and beloved collection of bed and bath linens.
    The story of Sferra is not just a history of fine linen-making, but one of family, of determination, and of the American Dream. From the storied journeys of our founder to the first-of-its-kind reimagining of linen itself, Sferra has woven its own place in history. The company was founded in 1891 Italy, when Gennaro Sferra first set foot on a cross-Atlantic steamer that would carry him to America. Aspiration led him to join the waves of immigrants seeking a new life, but it was a family history of craftsmanship that enabled him to sell the exquisite, meticulously handmade lace that would become his future. Initiating the business with his two brothers, the company was formed as Sferra Brothers Limited. Capturing the fashion of the day, he sold the delicate bobbin lace his mother made in his native Isernia—along with exquisite Venetian lace collars and cuffs—to society’s tastemakers as they vacationed at seaside resorts up and down the East Coast. It sowed the seeds of the business, but more importantly, established Sferra’s reputation for offering only the finest and most exclusive fine linens. Over the next decades, Sferra thrived, thanks to Gennaro’s visionary thinking. He had the vision to establish his own lace-making factory and school, ensuring a consistent supply of the finest lace. He had the foresight, in the early 1930s, to evolve his focus to table linens as fashion tastes began to change. And looking to the future, he instilled in both his sons Enrico and Albert a mastery of the textile craftsmanship, technical know-how, and a taste for exploration.